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 Community Folksinging Newsletter    



  Oddities Had it's

Final Farewell Concert

Odyssey: The Last Stanza

April 29 2012, 7pm 

The Mason Theatre, PDCI

Admission by donation - pay what you can at the door.
Proceeds will go to Empty Bowls, Perth.

Join ‘Oddities’ for their final reunion concert!  You will hear an eclectic repertoire of Jazz, classical, original and pop music.  Most of the music for this concert was selected by members of the choir as favorites from the 18 seasons that they have sung together. The choir will join forces with the PDCI Vocal Ensemble and by the PDCI Concert Band who will play an accompaniment of Mozarts beautiful Lacrimosa from his Mass in C minor, arranged by Jack.  Guest musician Ed Ashton (an original Oddities mainstay)  and pianist Aidan Shenkman will join  house guitarists Andy Cockburn and young local talent, Tony LeDuc to keep them steady and true.  Rebecca Worden will return to lead  the group in a couple of favorites from her time in leadership. 




Oddities – A Community Choir:

Oddities Community Choir regular practice is at :  the First Baptist Church, 17 D'Arcy Street.  Everyone's welcome to come out and join us Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30.

For more information please contact Nicola Oddy Nicola.Oddy@me.com


              Choral Directors: 

        Nicola Oddy & Jack Hurd

       practice voice.mp3      


  When I Sing Parts;

04 Sop part, played on piano no accomp (most accurate).wma

05 Alto part , played on piano no accompan (most accurate).wma           

02 Sop part with piano (middle system).wma   

01 Guy part with opening - top line.wma

03 Alto part with Piano (bottom part).wma

See Practise recordings:.


 In song!

Please contact Nicola Oddy nicola.oddy@me.com or 613-264-0242 for more information



Oddities’– a history 

                     Oddities’ – a history

                 The journey continues!  

Practise recordings:

Lullaby of Broadway;

Lullaby of Broadway-v3-alto.mp3

Lullaby of Broadway-v3-bass.mp3

Lullaby of Broadway-v3-sop.mp3

Lullaby of Broadway-v3-tenor.mp3

Brother can you spare a dime:
         Brother can you spare a dime.v13-T80-Tenor.mp3 >>>

Brother can you spare a dime.v13-T80-Soprano.mp3 >>>
         Brother can you spare a dime.v13-T80-Bass.mp3 >>>
         Brother can you spare  dime.v13-T80-Alto.mp3 >>>

Time and a word.mp3 >>>

Reach For The Sun.mp3 >>>

         Elibama.mp3 >>>

         Elibama bar 1-16 all parts.mp3 >>>
         Elibama Bass from bar 23.mp3 >>>
         Elibama Bass tricky part repeat with no errors >>>
            bar 41 - 58.mp3 >>>

         Elibama Sop. from bar 17.mp3 >>>

Seasons of Love:
01 Seasons of Love original soundtrack >>>
         Seasons of Love-soprano emphasized >>>
         Seasons of Love-bass emphasized >>>
         Seasons of Love-alto emphasized >>>

Dawn-Round-2007-09-28-v13--4part-bass-64.mp3 >>>
         Dawn tenor.mp3 >>>
         Dawn--Alto.mp3 >>>
         Dawn--bass.mp3 >>>
         Dawn-soprano.mp3 >>>

Over The Rainbow:
         Over the Rainbow-alto.mp3 >>>

         Over the Rainbow-bass.mp3 >>>
         Over the Rainbow-soprano.mp3 >>>
         Over the Rainbow-tenor.mp3 >>>

Oddities’, which is now co-led by Nicola Oddy and Jack Hurd, began as a church folk choir at St. Pauls United Church in Perth in 1993, and has since expanded to become a community group with nearly 50 members.  The name is derived from the name of the leader, Nicola Oddy, but also reflects their selection of music, and their musical arrangements.  The arrangements originated by listening and learning to create their own harmonies, and, although they continue creating harmonies for some of their repertoire, they now primarily work with the written score. Their selection of music is an eclectic mix of gospel, folk, spiritual, pop and traditional.  

In Song,