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The Folk Upstairs
The Folk Upstairs

Once again The Folk Upstairs have been working diligently lining up world class folk musicians to entertain their audience.



        The Folk Upstairs has   No  Concerts Scheduled at this time

                         for more info contact musicdetectiveonline@gmail.com

                                                                  or 613-812-8025





Bruce Cockburn with The Folk Upstairs- April 2003

The Folk Upstairs

  The Folk Upstairs, is a local non profit group dedicated to bringing quality folk musicians to the Perth audience.

                         For more information call 613-264-0242 or email at  musicdetectiveonline@gmail.com

                                Some of our wonderful past shows include:

Bruce Cockburn,  James Keelaghan,  Oscar Lopez,  Archie Fischer,  John Renbourn,  Garnet Rogers,  Ian Tamblyn,  Mad Pudding,  Scruj MacDuhk,  Bruce Guthro,  Wailin' Jennys,  Christine Graves,  Wyrd Sisters,  Stephen Fearing,  Colin Linden, The Suspects,  U.H.F.,  Hart Rouge,  David Francey,  Darlene,  Irish Descendants,  Penny Lang,  Pied Pumpkin,  Don Ross,  Valdy,  J.Knutson,  Tom Lips,  Latest Rumour,  Modabo,  Matapat,  Conny Kaldor,  Nancy White,  Harbord Trio,  Keith Glass,  the Byrd Sisters, Thomas Handy Trio,J.P. Cormier  and so many more.....